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Getting a loan or car finance can be a problem to many people living in Brisbane. If you have had bad financial credit and have had difficulties in obtaining a loan for your car. We can help get your loan application approved by the end of a business day without you leaving your home.

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Once you have provided all your info, we can help you by lending you car finance but also offer you a great rate. Once you have obtained finance on your loans you are then free to purchase a new vehicle of your choice to enjoy for many years.

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Often people are in a credit crisis due to defaulting on previous credit or not making payments on time. A bad credit rating can have serious impact on your borrowing power. When it comes to obtaining money to purchase a new or used car Want Your Finance is Brisbane's premium car money lending company. Bad credit rating, no problems, bank rejects your loan? No problems. We can usually approve your loan within hours and have you in a new or used car within 24 hours!

Money for cars can be difficult especially if you have defaulted on a loan or finance in the past! Want Your Finance can by pass the normal lending proceedures by securing a loan that isn't based on previous borrowing activity. If you need money for a a new or used car in Brisbane today contact Want Your Finance and have a talk to one of our friendly staff or simply fill in the on-line credit application for auto finance in Brisbane.

Bad Credit

A bad credit rating for car finance is a difficult issue to deal with for anybody on a low income. Want Your Finance understands the difficulties that can arise from not being able to finance a car. We can offer a loan calculator that tells you exactly how much you will pay and automatically deduct the funds from your account on a basis that works for you! All offers accepted, Bad Credit not a problem!

Banks rejected your loan application? Want Your Finance has lent money to many people that have had issues with large lending groups such as banks. Often banks will take your history and see it as a guide to your future. Forntunately we don't finance your past we take your current situation in to account and will release the funds so as you can make a new start. Our low interest options are some of the best in the market and most of our customers are now driving around in a new car of their choice. Be smart and make a new start!

It is now possible to obtain a low interest loan even if you have a bad credit rating! If you are interested in making an automobile purchase in Queensland Australia from a new or used vehicle dealer you may wish to consider gaining pre-approved credit. Pre-approval means you know exactly how much your repayments will be every month using our credit calculator. It is quick and easy to work out how much you can afford for your new or used vehicle and approval can be delivered within 24 hours! You can purchase a new or used vehicle with confidence!